Personal Banking
Small Business Banking

At Reliance Bank, we realize that you can't shut down your business to get to the bank. We offer a variety of services to let you handle your banking on your schedule.
NIGHT DEPOSITORY Allows you to make deposits after hours while giving you the peace of mind knowing your deposit is safe.
COURIER SERVICE We can assist you in setting up a courier service to handle large cash deposits.
COIN & CURRENCY ORDERS Given prior notice, we can handle your requests for coin and currency orders.
We also provide custom solutions for your Retail Business needs:

MERCHANT CARD SERVICES Allows your business to accept credit and debit cards for payment of your goods or services.
REMOTE DEPOSIT CAPTURE Allows you to make check deposits from the comfort of your own office.
ELECTRONIC CHECK GUARANTEE Guarantees program for accepting checks as payment for products and services.
LOYALTY/GIFT CARD PROGRAMS These cards encourage and promote repeat business from your good clients.